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Tenda Mesh with Now TV



I have bought a Tenda MW12 Mesh system and I have had it running for a few months now.


It is working perfectly when it is in bridge mode and connected to the nowtv hub.  However in bridge mode the MW12 loses a lot of its features.  Such as parental controls (which is one of the reasons why I bought it).


I want to put to put the MW12 in static ip or DHCP mode to get the MW12's features back.  However when I put it in the MW12 in to DHCP mode I am getting some connection issues.  I am guessing there is some conflict somewhere because the nowtv hub is running DHCP as well? 


I turned off DHCP on the nowtv hub but I lost everything, the MW12 wasn't connecting to the nowtv hub.  


What am I missing?






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