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Re: Telephone number porting

In your original post you say

"The old number had been in existance for years and so is on my business cards, friends contacts etc etc etc and in one swoop you have lost it."


Then you say the telephone line was disconnected by previous owners ?????  Yo say in a comment above that you only had the number a week before reconnecting with NOW hmmmm strange ..sounds like you need to get your story straight. Probably why NoW aren't bothering lol

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Re: Telephone number porting

Just had the same thing happen to me.  I specifically said that I needed to keep my old number when switching from Virgin.  No notification, found out when people said they could not get through to me.  Checked my outgoing number and found it had been changed.  Spoke to the support team on the phone to be told it was too late and the number has been lost!  What can I do in this situation?