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Tech prob

Hi All
I am new to NOWTV and I have just turned on my television to find nothing working.
I have reset, unplugged and pfaffed around for ages but nothing. I have no broadband either.
Suggestions most welcome. Thanks

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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Tech prob

Hi @Mandz1 


Without the internet working you won't be able to watch NowTV or any other Apps on your Television.


Who is you broadband provider, is it NowTV ?


If it's NowTV you are using the NowTV Hub 2 Router where there should be three solid green lights permanently showing on the front of the Router if the internet is working.


Or if you are using the NOW TV Hub one, i believe the smiley face should be white on the front of the router to denote the internet is working. 


If the middle centre light is off or amber on the Hub 2, then you have no internet.


Check the wiring on the back of the Router and to your BT telephone socket is still in place and hasn't come loose.


Other than that try holding the reset button on the back of the Router for about 15 seconds to factory reset it back to default.


Otherwise give the NowTV Broadband a call or contact your Internet Service Provider who ever they are.



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