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TP-Link AC1600 Archer VR600 ver 1

Due to constant dropping of WiFi since going to Now Broadband, and poor wifi signal in general, thought I would get a new router.


obtained the TP Link AC1600 at a cheap price and obtained address and password using wire shark.


set up results in no internet light in router.  Everything else is fine.  Using sky mer option on set up so would have thought tp link is compatible otherwise why have the mer drop down option?


really fed up if anyone can prompt me in right direction….


never jphad this with bt or Vodafone.  But internet that does not work or drops out all the time, great….

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Re: TP-Link AC1600 Archer VR600 ver 1

@MattyKHZ try the link in this thread


Alternatively, use the search bar at the top as there are dozens of threads with advice on how to get your own router working with Now.


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