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Switchover /Activation date.. 2 weeks?

Hi, I have had a 2 month notice from my current provider, plusnet, that my contract is coming to an end.

I found a great deal with NOW on a popular deals site for 63Mb Fibre Broadband & Anytime Calls, however someone there has said the calander offered only gives dates over the next 2 weeks now, can anyone tell me if this is correct (as my date is the 12th August). Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Switchover /Activation date.. 2 weeks?

Hi @Gp1984 


My understanding is that NOW can only schedule for 10 working days when you order their Broadband service if it's a straight forward switch over with no Engineer involved.


You may have to order NOW Broadband within the two week slot based around the 12th of August.


I am guessing you got this information by phoning the NOW Broadband directly ?


If you want official confirmation, then maybe drop the NOW Broadband Team an email, by using the email address in the screen shot below.




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