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Super Fast WiFi Now Tv Broadband Hub Internet not working!!

I am a NOW TV Super Fast WIFI Broadband owner, recently over the last few weeks my hub has been having difficulty getting internet connection, often I go hours without the 3 green lights coming on, the power and wireless will always work but the internet will mostly remain off or sometimes just stay at orange, then for a few hours I will have WIFI and the cycle will repeat after that. I tried contacting Now TV for a service check they said there was a problem in my area (BN2 1AQ) and that they would fix it within the next 2 days without an engineer having to come round, they also said I can track my order in my account section but when I click on it nothing comes up?? Considering nothing has changed with my WIFI situation and I’m a paying customer of £22 a month to receive little to no WIFI I am not happy. I want to have an update on what the problem is, considering you guys are so hard to contact for a live chat and I can’t find a contact number I have been forced to make this compliant. Maybe I need a new hub or something? I have no problem with an engineer having to come round either just please get back to me and diagnose my problem as my WIFI situation is getting so bad. I need my WIFI to do important jobs aswell so it’s very unhelpful. I have tried resetting numerous times and that doesn’t solve the problem either.

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Hi @owzaqpr 


Chase up the NOW Broadband Team using the telephone number from the link page below.


Whilst on the phone apart from trying to get your internet sorted, ask about compensation.