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Suddenly slow broadband speeds from 8pm-11:30pm

Hi everyone, I've been with Nowtv for internet since august and it has been perfect. However, for the last 4 days, my ping has gone from 20ms to 147ms on average from about 8pm till 11:30pm. My download has gone from my guarantee of 46mb/s to 9mb/s.


I am on a wired connection. I've tried different ethernet ports and cables. I've restarted my router, left it off for 30 minutes, tried turning off other devices and anything that could possibly be downloading. I've also tried using wifi.  Am I being throttled against their policy? How would I get them to stop without just ending up having to cancel my package?

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You know, it's highly unlikely that NOW would throttle your broadband, that's something from a bygone era.  I say this not as a NOW BB customer but someone who has been bouncing from ISP to ISP for a long time. And if you were being throttled it would be done all the time.


However, I do not know their "game plan" and so just speculating.


Anyway, I suggest you give NOW a call on the following number and find out what is actually going on.


0800 759 1213


UK Bob