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Streaming Quality

Hi guys I am new to this forum so forgive me if I posted this in the wrong section.

I currently have the NOW TV entertainment pass and I watch this via the app on the Xbox one X

I have no issues signing into the accounts however whenever I come to watch a programme the streaming issue is becoming a bit of a problem, quality will jump from HD down to substandard definition and the picture will pixelate quite badly without warning.

I know for a fact it's nothing to do with my internet connection because I'm currently running at 326 megabits per second both wireless and wired and via the Xbox so the internet is not a problem.

I have tried literally everything I could I sometimes have to pause and then push play again for this to work but it is becoming really frustrating whenever I'm trying to watch something.

I also have the boost pack on for £3 per month which is supposed to give you HD quality and Dolby 5.1 personally I cannot see the difference especially in the sound quality that's another topic.

Do I really need a NOW TV box to get the best performance if so what is the point of the app?

Thanks for any information or advice in advance ! I'm struggling to contact anyone from now TV to answer my questions hopefully they can on this.



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Re: Streaming Quality

Hi @Richlutz 


Can't help with regards to the Xbox One because i don't own one or use a Games Console when streaming NowTV where i tend to use dedicated streaming boxes.


However you won't get 1080p or 5.1 surround sound on your Xbox One at the moment because it is not Boost supported 😠. 

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Re: Streaming Quality

NOW TV box  got it whole in one it will allways give you the picture you want and never forgetting the golden rule hard wire never wifi been ive never had any probs.

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