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Still no broadband - 37 days after first activation date

Our order has had to be cancelled (again) in order for Openreach to fix the issue? Another delay as they can take up to 14 days.... losing hope that we'll ever get broadband.


We haven't even got a phone line anymore as Openreach cut that off a couple of weeks ago, thanks!


I did not want the order cancelled but have been told by NowTV that Openreach can only resolve the issue if the order is cancelled and a new one opened.
Our first activation date was 1st July. That order was also cancelled - without any notification. A new order was made. The second activation date was 23rd July. Openreach attended and called to say our line was in the wrong cabinet but they would fix it.
After much chasing and complaining, I was told yesterday the only way to resolve it was to close the order and open a new one. Yet another delay - why was this not flagged up on 23rd July? 
Meanwhile, we now have no telephone line anymore - Openreach cut this off on 23rd July - let alone broadband.
I have paid for a service I am not receiving - will this be refunded?
Will there be compensation and will it extend back to 1st July, our first order and activation date? I have been paying a small fortune on mobile broadband whilst we have no fixed service?
Very unhappy customer but no recourse it seems on the line/fibre provider!
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@Anonymous User 

Sounds like you’ve have a “fun” experience just trying to get your broadband with NOW! 

For me it’s been a few years since being with NOW broadband but thankfully I never had any issues with them. 

All I could recommend is to call the broadband team and request a refund because it’s simple as your not getting the service as it’s not even set up.

How to submit your complaint:

  • Give us a call on 08007591213 to speak directly to a NOW advisor.
FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Thanks, yes I have submitted a complaint and asked for a refund so we’ll see what happens on that front.

Also be interesting to see what’s said about compensation - I have spent a lot of money on mobile data


TBH, what I dearly want is … fast broadband or at least a telephone line back! 

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But all is ok.... I've been offered compensation ..... £30.24.    hahahahaha

Apparently I am only due compensation for 6 of the 43 days, they told me Openreach 'get round it' and it's nothing to do with them and there's nothing they can do.


Well, NOWTV, I suggest you 'get round' Openreach.


Oh, and NOWTV are happy to to ignore my requests for a refund on what I've paid for a service I have never yet received 


I had some faith even after 20-odd days. I was kept being told it's all down to Openreach and there was no more NOWTV could do .... but, now actually I am totally fed up. Suggest NOWTV get to grips with their contractor and treat their direct customers with a little more respect.