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Somthings not right...

hello there i have recentley joined now tv infact today the 10th is my go live date but everytime i connect to my wifi it automaticley takes me to a talk talk page btw talk talk is my previous provides and the page says there is an eror in my account so they have put a rstriction on my service but as i said im with now tv so i was hoping sombody could tell me what they thinkk is wrong my wifi says conected and i have a very strong signal but as i said everytime it connects it just takes me to the now tv page and than disconnects so i hope sombody can tell me whats wronmg and how to resolve it thanks 

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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Somthings not right...

Hi @Duncan1954

Quick question are you using the supplied NowTV Hub Router and on the front of the router are the three lights showing solid green ?

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