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Anonymous User
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Slow broadband

I was changed over to NOW TV broadband from Sky yesterday. I am on the Super Fibre tariff which states;

Download speed

Estimated59.5-74.4 Mbps

Guaranteed54.4 Mbps


Upload speed:

Estimated18.1-19.0 Mbps


I am currently running on; 


Mbps download


Mbps upload


I don't know if there is something wrong with my line or the cabinet as it has been this speed for the past few weeks (even on Sky).


However, I can't use the technical check yet as it still states that my order is processing?


I tried to call but as there is over an hour wait I gave up.


Is anyone able to help with this problem, please?



Anonymous User
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Hi @Anonymous User ,


I have tried with both hard-wired ethernet cable and my PC which has a wireless adapter inbuilt. The problem is universal in all machines in our house. I know there isn't an issue with the laptop or PC. 


We previously had good speeds throughout but even with Sky, it was exactly the same. It's been like it on and off for the past year and each time they send someone to fix the open reach sockets or cabinet etc. I am guessing the problem lies from that point somewhere.