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Slow Super Fibre Broadband Speed

Hi All,


Hoping someone might be able to help me-


Signed up for super fiber broadband (guaranteed down speed 80mbps; up 20mbps).

Line activated + all installed beginning of Jan 2020. All good for about a month - brilliant speed.

Beginning of February internet became extremely slow, to the point where Netflix wouldn't even load and drop an error stating my internet is too slow to stream anything. Did a speed test online - down speed comes back as below 2mbps and up speed as 18mbps.


Since end of February I've been in touch with NOW TV several times. As per their advice, I've changed channels; split the bandwidth into 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz - none of this has worked; down speed still under 2mbps according to speed tests online.

NOW TV have done a line check at their end several times and they're saying I'm getting the guaranteed 80 mbps and that my line is working fine. I reassured them that I'm nowhere near that speed, so they sent out a new router - this hasn't changed anything. At one point I managed to get 6mbps down speed (for a few minutes), but upload speed was still higher - the usual 18mbps.


They then sent out an engineer over a week ago, he stated that there is a throughput issue and that is something to do with sky since they provide NOW TV with servers; engineer told me to wait and see if sky resolves this issue. It's been a week and a half, I'm not even getting 1mbps for my download speed; upload speed is absolutely fine. So, after speaking to several people last night from NOW TV, they sent out a specialist engineer today. He's stated that the line is working fine, but there are throughput issues and for some reason I'm not getting the speed on my devices. He also stated that sky had installed a dodgy patch, but he's unsure whether now the router has hardware or software issues; hence not giving my laptop the full speed. His suggestion - to get an ethernet cable and connect the router with my laptop that way rather than through wifi, therefore I should get the full speed. I've bought the cable - to my surprise I'm getting the exact same slow speed via ethernet. I called the engineer - he was very surprised, and had no clue what else I can do.


Several resets later; changing the channels and splitting the bandwith again, my highest download speed via wifi was 10.58mbps and via ethernet around 13mbps, which is nowhere near the 80mbps.


Sorry for the long rant ๐Ÿ™‚


Does anyone have any clues as to what is causing this slow speed? Is it more likely to be a software or hardware issue? Perhaps configuring the router somehow might help - I just don't know how?



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I have been having a similar issue in that I was also told my throughput is fine and performing as expected, however I am not getting the correct download speed for super fast fibre. Did you get a resolution to this issue?

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Same here.  Called customer services,  they're sending out a new router as they say this one is faulty.  Openreach engineer said this was likely to be the case as he was getting 39mbps coming into the router but only 14 coming out


Same issue here, go through nowtv help & tells me i should be getting at least 40mbps download & 8mbps upload, can't get download above 10mbps (despite all suggestions & supposed 'fixes').

Price rises & service gets worse, as per usual ๐Ÿ™„


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Hi, I am having very similar issues as to what you described - according to the helpline engineer the router is working at the correct speed but all my connected devices (even through ethernet cable) are getting around 15-16 mbps download. The engineer seemed quite honest and said he doesn't know what the issue might be. 

Please, any fix would be much appreciated.