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Slow Internet and Below The 63mbs Guaranteed



I'm posting here in the hope of reaching customer service, some of us have to work during the day so it's not always possible to take the time off for an engineer and I've already took two days off already.


About a month back I was getting 30mbs but I was paying for 60mbs. They sent an engineer who didn't turn up. Then they sent an engineer the next day who fixed it at the main breaker box.


One month later and after a disconnection I checked my internet connection and its back down to 43mbs constant and I'm paying for 63mbs. 


 Ref: 05633908


I tried splitting the bands as stated here:


I tried resetting the router. 


I bet the problem is the main box again. I can't keep taking time off to chase this up. I don't know how many days I've paid for this sub par offering. 


It's becoming a nightmare. I've spent hours chasing this issue up. 





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Re: Slow Internet and Below The 63mbs Guaranteed

I woke up this morning and it's now resolved. Maybe it was due to some maintenance in my area, who knows. I only spotted it on the weekend but it might have been that way for a while and maybe the reason for the intermittent disconnections.


It concerns me how long and how often this happens. You can mark this as resolved for now.


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