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Slow Internet Speeds

Hi All


Looking for some guidance / support - like the rest of the nation I'm working from home night now, but it's getting increasingly worse to have effective calls with my internet. 


On a daily basic my internet drops out or laggs. Eventually, I spoke to a friend who recommended a speed test... the results are not great 😅

  • 1.29 MBps Dowload
  • 0.11 MBps Upload

My broadband plan is "Brilliant Broadband"

Your minimum download speed is guaranteed, and if we don’t stick to it, you can leave without a charge! Estimated = 5.2-11.0 Mbps and Guaranteed = 3.8 Mbps

and for upload my plan includes an estimated = 0.7-1.0 Mbps


I'm no where near these numbers! lol


I've tried restarting my router, to no avail. 


Any advice?

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