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Slow Fibre - how to get in touch with actual customer service?

I have a fibre line that's supposed to operate at 70+ Mbps but is operating anywhere between 16 and 27 Mbps. I have a signal booster, have done the health check, and nothing seems to indicate that the line is misbehaving. But I've paid for much faster linespeeds than I'm getting and I'd really like to speak with someone who can help me and not a sad bot 😞

Any advice on how to get the service I'm paying for?


Just to clarify - I've gone through the whole health routine and full suite of advice offered here on the hub, adjusted what I can to make sure it's operating better, with no improvement. I have in the past had better internet speeds than this with the same setup.

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Have you tried another router?

Is this through Wi-Fi or Ethernet? As the Wi-Fi provided by the router is well known to be very poor.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

I haven't tried another router, just the Hub 2 that they sent when I set up the service.
What I'm confused about is why it's suddenly underperforming - for months the download speed was great but it's recently become really poor.
I have no way to connect to an ethernet port in my office upstairs. The signal booster was recommended as an alternative.


We are just customers here like yourself, NOW do not respond directly to posts on the community. If you have tried all the recommended tests and made no progress then you will need to contact them directly by calling 0330 332 3050. 

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You firstly need to ensure the problem is not just Wi-Fi, obviously the easiest way to do that is by using Ethernet instead, but if you can't do that, the next best thing would be to ensure your sync speed is O.K.

You can check that by following this help article.

I suspect it will just be Wi-Fi related, and the possible causes of that are myriad, starting with the Now router being "not very good".

Personally I'm not a fan of "signal boosters". Preferably get a better router or add an access point or mesh.