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SkY will not port over my land line number to NOWBB!

Had signed-up for NOW BroadBand Fibre package with phone line...SKY has increased my monthly costs and it's really bad value for my meagre 48/49 Mbps I get (most of the time-sometimes it's less!)
NOW BB took my £5 up-front payment (has now been refunded) and then cancelled my contract because I requested to keep my existing land line number and SKY won't allow that... presumably it's down to my land line is now digital (VOIP) plugged directly into the SKY router, but would need to go back to analogue from the BT wall socket for the NOW BB (old SKY) router.
Has anyone else had this issue & knows how to get the land line number transferred?
Have seen posts on the NOW BB Forum as far back as March last year about this issue... how bad is that.
Surely a company with SKY's technical capability can manage a simple task like this one!!!

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Elite 3

If Sky moved your number to a data service then I have no idea if it can be moved back. Only they can resolve that.