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Setting up a Wavlink AC1200 router

Hi everyone


I'd prefer to use my own router instead of the one provided by NOW.


For some reason the router doesn't recognise it's connected to the socket and therefore receiving internet. I've tested the NOW box and that works fine.


Any suggestions for a fix?


Thanks in advance.

Elite 3

@Anonymous User generally speaking, Now don't allow the use of 3rd party routers with their service. They can be connected but you'll need to be relatively savvy with the process.


Having used the search function at the top and Google, I can't find any instructions related to that brand of router and Now Broadband. There are some matches on the Sky community so maybe try there (Sky and Now are the same network). Below is a link to someone who has outlined what your router needs to function with Now.

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Use the Now Router for WAN and DHCP


Use your own router for WiFi (like we use a Mesh WiFi system)


The Now / Sky routers are cheap as chips unfortunately. Hopefully future versions will be a bit better (fingers crossed)



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Many thanks for both of the above replies. 👍