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Router password.

I want to replace the now router with another router, but do not have the password to connect to the broadband.


I don't have your router or Now Broadband so no guarantees but...

I had a look at the manual for your modem / router here,

In section 7.3.1 it talks about setting up the VDSL connections.  One of the options is IPoE (IP over Ethernet) with Dynamic IP (DHCP).  

Give that setting a try and you're in with a chance of it connecting with Now and authenticating OK.  No username or password required.

If you go through Quick Setup as shown in Section 5 of the manual go for setting the device up as a DSL modem router.  Go for VDSL as your Link Type.  You'll get drop downs to select Country and ISP.  If it has UK and Sky give that a try.  If not, go for "Other" and set Connection Type as "IPoE/IPoA" and Address Mode as "Dynamic".

As I say, no guarantees as I can't test it but I think you're in with a good chance of it working.  Good luck!

Elite 2

With Now and Skys MER / option 61 log in there is no "password" as such, or even a uername, however you do need/may need to put something in.

 These are some generic log ins that you can use, and the ones i use

username:abcdefgh (at symbol) nowtv  lowercase letters a to h then the at symbol then nowtv no spaces

 my nderstanding is this can be any  8 letter mix of lowercase letters

Password 1234567890abcdef  again i understand this can be any chain as long as its ten single digit numbers including zero in any order and 6 lower case letters in any order