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Router not being sent out

I joint this now tv a few weeks ago 

I was given a date for the engineer to come round 2 weeks after I signed up, no router got delivered, no one called me it was not gone out

so phoned customer care on the day the engineer was here, they told me it was not sent out, they had no reason why it was not sent out, we will send one out ASAP, I get a call 5 days later have you got your router, I told I am not back from being away at work for 3 days,I will check Sunday evening, 

monday is my day off so I went into work to see if the router was delivered, no it was not, that one week later 

so I called customer service, having waited 15 20 mins on the line to get through, I get told my router was not sent out, to my work address, because the address was to long, laughing I did 

Royal Mail can’t send out as the address is to long, well we get post from Royal Mail from other companies at work, they get delivered lol

what getting me, why did you guys not tell me that in the poxy beginning and contact me it was not sent, communication skill are crap 

you couldn’t organise a ###### up in a brewery 

now still no router, going through my data on my phone, and running out on that 

because now called me twice when the router was not sent out, a big joke 

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