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Router not arrived, Use 3rd party router instead?

So my line was activated on Tuesday 6th Jan. Turns out they didn't send out a router and having checked today it is a 10 working day wait for it to arrive. Working from home is costing a lot on mobile data now. 


I have purchased a 3rd party modem/router to try to try to connect until it arrives.

It requires the Username/Password for the PPPoA connection type. - Any ideas where I can get these from since I don't have the NowTV router to find this?

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Re: Router not arrived, Use 3rd party router instead?

Hi @whitp 


If the 10 day delay is NowTV 's fault, i would try seeking some form of compensation. 


Can't help sorry setting up a third party Router where i am an AV Guy and my IT Skills are non existent.


Hopefully another forum member will come to your rescue or use the search box towards the top of the Community page to see if you find any hit results on the information you are after.


I don't know if you can get your hands on an old Sky Router, where the Sky Routers that look similar to the two NowTV Routers on the photos in this linked article should be plug & play on the NowTV Broadband service. 

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