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Router help

Hi all

I have just received my router and swapped it in place of my identical old sky one. I have 1 ethernet port being used by hive and all other devices connected on wifi working. However my pc which is another room connected via the other ethernet port wont connect. All i have done is switch routers ????

Any ghelp appreciated 

Thanks Mike 

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Legend 5

Hi @Mike77 

Maybe try going into the NOW Hub web page Settings typing in your url address bar internet browser and see if switching under the Ethernet tab from Gigabit to Fast Ethernet gets the Laptop running over Ethernet.

The NOW Hub 2 username and password is admin nowtv.

If still no joy then you could keep using the Sky Router if you wish on the NOW Broadband service.

Or perhaps other forum members will have some further ideas.


Yes i have tried that but no joy. I can plug a laptop in to ethernet and it works fine though. Also i had a splitter which wont work even with laptop but all worked fine till i swapped routers ??

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Try swapping the ports. If the Hive stops working and the PC starts working, you must have a faulty port.

You could put the Sky router back on, it should work fine on Now.

Edit: I hadn't read @schnapps reply before I posted.