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Router blown by lightning

Hi, this one is for nowtv, as trying to contact them on the phone or the net is heart breaking.

Like someone else in the community, our router was blown by a lightning storm. Is there any chance of replacing it, please.





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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Router blown by lightning

Hi @harlen 


Yeah it is sometimes frustrating attempting to get through to the NowTV Broadband Team via their helpline telephone number.


Though i have never had any problems accessing their live chat service.


Unfortunately you need to keep persevering with either the telephone number or live chat.


I am guessing you have held in the reset button on the back of the NowTV Router for about 20 seconds to see if the three green lights show on the front of the Router or the white smiley face stays on if using the older style NowTV Router ? 

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