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Remotely turning off wireless

 I wish to be easily able to turn the wifi on and off. My old router with a different company had an off switch for the wireless on the box. NOW have issued instructions on how to do this via a computer but how can this be done via a phone instead or do they have different boxes that contain an off switch.



The instructions Now provided likely involve using a browser to access the router, yes?

So as long as your phone is a smartphone, you can browse to the router from it over WiFi and turn the WiFi off.

However, once the WiFi is off, you won’t be able to browse to it via WiFi any more; though if you physically go to the router and reset it, this will bring the WiFi back.

I think that is as close as you can get to a solution; Now’s computer solution likely relies on a wired Ethernet connection to the router, which does still work when the WiFi is off.

Now only supply the one model of router; though if you can find a router with a physical WiFi switch that also supports the SKY/MER 61 connection protocol, you can use this instead of the supplied Now router, only swapping this back in if Now need to run any diagnostics on your line if you have a fault.

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