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Red light on wifi for 2 days

Hi I have completely reset my router, but my orange light has been on for 2 days now and I work 12.5 hour shift so am not available to be at home to call. But I need my WiFi in the evenings and don't have a day off this week. How can I get in contact after 8pm to fix this problem? 

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Hi @Ade2426 

If you can't contact the NOW Broadband Team by phone between their opening hours of 8am to 8pm, then there is NOW live web chat that is open between 8am to 11pm or alternatively there is an option to send NOW a message by a web form or email.

Do you need the above details and if so which one would you like.

Or if you use Twitter or Facebook then perhaps try their social media websites.

There was an outage in West Lothian yesterday but I believe this is fixed now.


If the red light is on the WiFi, and you have factory reset the router, it must be faulty.

Can you not call during the day, perhaps whilst on a break.