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Really high ping when gaming on Final Fantasy XIV


For the entire time I have had Now Broadband it has constantly been bad speeds and slow but I have to accept that, it's not fibre in my area. I am fine with that but what I am not fine with is I seem to get really high pings in my game. 


I am not much of an online gamer but I do love mmorpgs and the one I like the most is Final Fantasy XIV but I feel like my internet is really causing me to have issues in high end content. 


Does anyone else have bad pings when gaming, preferably with FFXIV?

Other gamers with good pings all have less than 100. 


I am getting 3000! and sometimes higher, sometimes 5500 and 6k when I enter combat or group content. 


It's driving me crazy. 

Anyone have any suggestions or am I out of luck. I don't remember having this issue before when I was with Sky...I assumed going to Now would be fine as still technically Sky right?

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You do realise you are saying you have pings of between 3 and 6 seconds?

That seems unlikely, so how are you measuring them. (I'm not a gamer so don't know if the game reports those figures)

What pings do you get to, say,

You say your speeds are bad since being on Now, so what were they like on Sky? What speed is your router synced at?

What speed can you expect for your line? Check on this site to see what Openreach expect for your line: BT Broadband (