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Question on adding router

Since the now hub 2 router just got 2 LAN ports only and I am planning to add one more NAS to my home network.  I also wanna set up VPN if I can add my own router so it's much more easier to stream for netflix or so on.

Just wanna ask if anyone tried to add a router behind now hub 2 router?  Where I can get the credential for the connection to my own router or just plug in the network cable would work?

Thank you.


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Expert 2

Yes its possible  to use another device behind the now router such as a switch, or even an old router

 You can also use your own router if it supports option 61/Sky/MER authentication

 Search this site for own router - i use a TP link Archer Vr2800 with no issues, some other cheaper TP link routers should also work, likewise some models from other manufacturers should also work

Expert 3

@RD9394 wrote:

Since the now hub 2 router just got 2 LAN ports only

If it's just the lack of ports, add a cheap switch.

Other switches are also available.