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Ps4 Connection speed

I'm currently paying for a now tv broadband package that states my minimum upload speed should be approx 59mbps. I have never seen these speeds atall and wondering should I cancel as I'm not getting my moneys worth.


I mainly use my ps4 for the Internet and it is connected by LAN to try get the best connection possible yet my uploads speed on the device is averaging 15-20 mbps. In the past I've called now tv out on this but they kept saying they can't guarantee those speed over WiFi as the speeds are through wired but as I said my ps4 is wired and using LAN, so the problem is never fixed.


Looking for some answers from anyone clued in. 

Maybe there is some package loss and the ps4 isn't 100% accurate but I'm losing near half the speed which I'm paying for 


Tldr; Ps4 LAN speed averaging 20mbps while I'm paying for 60mbps. I want my moneys worth

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@Anonymous User firstly, do you mean 'download' speed as I'm not aware that any ISP offers a guaranteed upload speed?


Have a read through the help page. While I'm not a NowTV broadband customer, they do state that if you don't receive your quoted download speed, you can leave the service without penalty.

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


When you go into your NowTV online account under Technical Checks, what is the measured down and up speeds reported at the NowTV Hub Router ?


If they are much higher than reported on your PS4 then have you got any other device that can connect over Ethernet to test such has a PC / Laptop ?


Should the speeds be more inline with what NowTV promised, then maybe go into the Hub Router webpage settings and change Ethernet to Fast Connection and if you have a spare Ethernet cable lying around try a different Ethernet cable (i doubt these two bits of advice will make any difference, but worth trying anyway).