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Provider Installation Problem

My broadband has been terminated, but within two days contact your company to re-join the new plan. I don't need to install anything, just reconnect. I don't understand that there is a problem with the provider's installation, what does it have to do with my broadband?

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We really will need more context before making any suggestions.

Who is telling you this? Were you in a contract? 


Thank you Jayach,

I understand you not responsible for this item any more!

I received below Text message on 23/6 13:20:

Hi, it's NOW Unfortunately there's been a delay with your NOW Broadband order. Our team of experts are working to resolve this and will update you on 29/06/2022. For more info go to You may be eligible for our Auto Compensation Scheme, go to to find out.

Since my broadband stop working from 20/6, I can't wait anymore then I called to CS department again on 29/6 and requested to cancel order again due to not yet fixes the problem, I still need to waiting thier reply in 5/7.  It's impossible to wait too long time, I have purchased in other supplieralready.  That CS lady promised send me an emial to confirm my cancellation within 24 hours but I haven't receive anything up-till now!   

I think the service may transfered to other company but it should be very failing attitude to customer!

Now, I just want to know two things:

1) Who should I contact now to confirm my order cancellation?

2) How to handle the current Now Broadband Hubs' box?

I much appreciate if you can help to solve my problems!

Best Regards,



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We aren’t the company, we don’t work for NOW. 
For any broadband account issues you need to call the broadband team. No-one from NOW will respond to you on the forum as that’s not how this one tends to work.

Number for the broadband team.

NOW Broadband Members can call us 8am–8pm, 7 days a week.

03300 412485
FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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From what you've said were you with Now before , you say re-join the new plan but that doesnt make much sense.

 What ISP were you with before?

A:  If you cancelled a service to join now then a lengthy period before the new connection can be provided can happen.

B:  If you cancelled a previous now connection then tried to start a new deal with Now then again you may have a long period of downtime


In case A you should have let the new provider do everything and not cancelled

In case B you should have re-negotiated a new deal with Now

If either A or B are correct you could be in a cease and re provide situation where the line has to be physically disconnected then physically re connected. Disconect can take two weeks, and then a re provide can take another two weeks or more. so this can soon mount up.

 Tow more complications:

 1: your cabinet is full and has a waiting list: as you cancelled, someone else's line will be connected to the port in the street cabinet that provides broadband as that line will be in the waiting list and at the top of the queue to have an FTTC connection. As you  cancelled and your line has been unplugged then it will drop to the bottom of the Queue

 2: your line is in a copper stop sell area, this means that now will not be able to provide a service and you will have to go with full fibre (FTTP) from another supplier

In either case, if you cancelled then any issues on re providing a broadband/internet service will be of your own making and your own fault.