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Problems trying to contact Now to report fault

My phone line was dead and my internet was gone.

I don't know if anyone from NowTV reads these forum, but the web site is useless, especially if trying to access from a mobile phone. I kept getting circled via the FAQ and round and round in circles. Why don't they have a contact number, which can be searched by google?


After about an hour, I finally managed to book an engineer via the phone, but no idea about timing of if they were sending an Openreach engineer or a NowTV engineer.   I knew what the problem was, the cable outside by building was broken, but there was no way to relay that information back.

I did speak to a human, but that was if I wanted to lodge a complaint......

NowTV did n't have the option to use BT Wifi hotspots, as a backup.

OpenReach were great back up and running in 2 hours.



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Re: Problems trying to contact Now to report fault


If you book mark this link, you will get the chat option and also the number. 

Although I agree, finding the number is almost impossible!

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Re: Problems trying to contact Now to report fault

I've had the same problem today. Could you tell me if you managed to fix it and if so how? I've been trying to talk to a real human with no success 

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