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Problem with the BT master socket

SO there is a technical issue with my BT master socket as it cuts the internet when knocked or when a door close by gets shut cutting the connection to the broadband 

NOW is worthless as they have ZERO customer service and no numbers to call 

BT wont help as they say contact my ISP which is NOW TV 

Only option is to just cancel which i will be doing today 

Elite 3

Elite 2

Is it defiantly the mastesocket?

any chance of a photo of the offending object?

Champion 2

I am not sure how cancelling NOW will fix any issues with your master socket? What type is it? If it has an inbuilt filter, or an otherwise removable faceplate have you tried at the test socket? It does seem like there is a loose connection somewhere. 

Elite 2

If its the mastersocket, it could be a call out job for an openreach engineer.

 If the fault is deemed to have been caused by the end user, such as dodgy internal wiring then in some cases the call out fee / repair fee can sometimes be passed onto the end user.

 One thing you could try is removing the faceplate, which can be done by the end user and plugging into the test socket and/or removing any extensions.

 If you are unsure, take a photo and post it here and you may be able to get  better advice as to what the problem is/could be