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Problem with connection

my internet went live yesterday, followed everything as I should as well as following troubleshoot that just wasn’t helpful and took me round in circles, but it’s still not connecting. 

I’ve got only 2 lights on, it comes up on devizes but won’t connect and says there’s a problem. Now stays check looks like it should be working. 

I literally have no idea what to do because getting in contact with Now is impossible, I don’t know if it’s my phone line or the plug- I don’t know how I’d know that, I’ve just moved in on my own and I’m paying for internet which isn’t working, it’s really stressful with how little help Now have. 

ive not got anything new since moving in, like phone line wise, I obviously have the line rental with broadband. 
I keep seeing about engineer visits but that wasn’t even offered to me. 

any help or ideas would be appreciated. 

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Elite 3

It may be that the installation hasn't been completed, what does it show on your order status in My Account? Although they should have alerted you if they knew there would be delay. You can contact the broadband team here


Yeah it’s all showing active & fine. 

I can find the hub on my device it’s not letting me connect