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Expert 2

Possibility to suspend existing Entertainment Pass due to collapsed speed

My ADSL Broadband is on the BT backbone via another ISP.

On Saturday, after period of degrading, d/load speed collapsed to

just 500mbps from my usual 3 megs.

Upload remains at just over 1mb, and hasn't dropped. 


Therefore I can no longer enjoy NOWTV.


O/Reach have a policy of no home visits till June 1st at earliest-

this could be extended.

Shame they can't find a way of safe working in customer's homes,

when they can't fix via overhead lines/ junctions.


My current Entertainment Pass therefore is of no use;

would be good if NOWTV could roll my voucher over until my

speed recovers.


Next voucher is loaded and runs from 21st May; if I cancel, would

the upcoming pass be lost I wonder?