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Port Forwarding

Can anyone confirm that they have port forwarding working in any way with the Now TV Hub 2.


I have just received this router, and for the first time in years I can seem to forward the port I need.


Just thought I would ask before I go through the inevitable hell of trying to use my own router.

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How do you set up port forwarding on now TV hub2. Tia

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Hi @Lastunicorn 


There is some information by the NowTV Team in this link below.


Never tried it or tested myself where i don't require port forwarding on my NowTV Hub 2. 


I am a little bit late, but just wanted to say that I have also been trying to forward a port on a NOWTV Hub 2 router and have failed to do so. I have followed the instructions the previous commenter linked, but even then it doesn't seem to work...

Can confirm that this can be done and it does work. As far as I recall, the instructions referred to do describe the procedure to follow. Don’t forget to click on “Add”, “Save” etc at the appropriate time as you go along.

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The information given along with the disclaimer is wrong. These are identical to sky hubs.

Don't go near the lan set up. Go to Services and set up your service. THEN go to firewall settings and complete there. One thing that I have found is that to access the service I want I have to move to the 'top' if you have more than one device in the list.

Hope this helps.






As a new NowTV Hub user, recently moved from Virgin, I just thought I'd reply with a more positive statement. It works fine.

I have two Raspberry Pi devices, at and Each can act as a web server and receive webhook commands from Google Assistant (via IFTTT)

- First you must log in to the hub as admin

- Then under Advanced | LAN IP Setup, enter 'address reservations' for the devices, using Add and Apply.  (I think this just ensures that the hub always assigns those MAC address those IP addresses. This may be unnecessary as I found it was anyway assigning consistent IP addresses to devices across reboots) 

- Then under Security | Services | Add service, define a 'service' for each endpoint, that assigns a name to handling a particular protocol and port (actually a port range) coming in from the WAN. For me, I defined two, "Custom1" (TCP, 8101 to 8101) and "Custom2" (TCP, 8102 to 8102).

- Then, under Security | Firewall Rules | Inbound Services | Add, enter Service: Custom1, Action: ALLOW always, Destination:, Access from Any, Add. And the same for Custom2,

Ta Da! (no need even to reboot the hub)

Now incoming TCP requests (both GET and POST) to <WAN address>:8101 are passed to, and those to <WAN address>:8102 are passed to, and my babies are happily exposed to the WAN.


What I DON'T think you can do is change the port number on the way through, i.e. having the two Raspberry Pis be listening on the same port, but have this port exposed on different ports on the WAN, i.e. 

Pass <WAN address>:8101 to

Pass <WAN address>:8102 to

This is a little irritating, as it would be convenient to have all the pis run identical software, listening on the same port.


But - it all works, and the dire qualifications and warnings from NowTV seem to be just scare tactics.


Thanks so much for this, very useful, and I can confirm it works like a charm


Does this compromise the security of your main line as I'm always allowing connection??