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Poor Router Coverage

Hi All,

I have had my router from Now installed for over 10 days & the Wifi coverage is not great.  I have placed it in exactly the same location as my previous BT router & am struggling to get a signal in parts of the house, particularly in our office which is causing a headache.  I have done a search in the net & I see others have also had coverage issues.  I have yet to contact Now customer services as I thought I'd post on this forum to see if there may be a quick fix?  I can only assume the Now router is of a lower spec' than my previous BT router? 

Thanks for any advice.


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@Anonymous User 

You’re spot on with the assumption that the router from NOW isn’t the best. At best you can split the bands which should improve speed and reliability though.

If you want to stay with NOW you’re best to get a new setup up either extenders or using another router entirely. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

My solution to a similar problems was the Sky SR203 router. Available from a well known auction site from around £10 upwards. No configuration needed - it just works!

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I'm with @forestdweller,definitely the easiest (and probably cheapest) way to improve the Wi-Fi.