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Please help, BB router is disconnecting every 30 minutes, unusable

I've raised this 3 weeks ago with the customerservice department. THey sent an engineer out who changed my master socket, but I've been living wIth it ever since. I had a complaint open and it got closed and I was ignored for over a week. I WFH and this is having such a huge impact on my life it really is unacceptable.

Every approx 30 minutes, the router reconnects to the network (external network.. it's  lease is renewed). My PC in my room is using powerline ethernet. I know my devices are fine.

Every half hour, I lose everything and the browser pops up with the self heal thing. I run the line tests and it says everything is fine, but it is definitely the router/external network as I wouldn;t be getting the above browser popping up if the router wasn't reconnecting.
I need someone to actually deal with this.

Worth noting I have one other thing ongoing which is that Openreach have all the incorrect addresses in their system for my location and so this is currently being sorted between NowTV and Openreach but still, in the meantime I need to receive the service I am paying for


I spent over an hour on the phone yesterday, and ended up having to take annual leave, and the only progress I have is the agent will look into how to register an ORDI request with Openreach to get my addresses sorted out... this does nothing,. as far as I am aware, to resolve the ongoing faults I have on my connection

Elite 3

If it's no better after the first Openreach visit, you need to get Now to call them out again.

On the first visit, with an intermittent fault, Openreach is do the obvious things, but should delve further in to the problem on subsequent visits.