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Phone line stopped working

My phone line has just stopped working ? Have left it a few weeks . Checked phone line , phone etc all works. Broadband working perfect . I live on my own and have poor health so really need it to be fixed 

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Have you tried connecting the phone directly at the test socket, if you have one? Otherwise, you need to call 0330 041 2518 from a mobile, or other line. 

Anonymous User
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Yes I have ? Still nothing

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User 

What do you mean by still nothing?

When you called the number, what happened? As a guess NOW would arrange with OpenReach to send out an engineer to investigate.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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You really need to contact Now. Use the methods in the link below, call from a mobile if you have one.