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Parental pin


I have a problem with Parental Pin Reset. Basically we changed Pin and forgot what we changed for. Wanted to reset it and I should receive a pass code on email but never got one. Tried few times no luck.



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I've randomly started being asked for a PIN even though it's turned off in my account.  I've also been trying to reset it this morning with zero luck.  

If you didn't set it up originally there is a chance it could be 0000 as this is the default (tried it out on mine and I was able to watch the programme)

Really annoying though, even when I get a code emailed to me it's not accepted.

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@bahookie @Milek80 

Jump onto live chat and hopefully staff will

help sort you out.


Use the method in my signature below for live chat.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help