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Parental pin

Hi I wonder if anyone can help please.

I have just rejoined Now cinema but when I go to watch it is asking me for Parental Pin.

I never set one of these before I used to just use 1234.

Its not accepting that now.

When I try to reset by asking them to send me reset link, the password they provide won't be accepted.

This is driving me crazy.

Thank you : ]


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Not really a broadband problem. probably best to post is in another part of the forum.

Perhaps here: Player & App - NOW Community (

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Hi @marie1 

What NOW playback devices have you tried the Parental Pin on ?

You not using a Youview box by any chance ?

If so you don't use the Parental Pin on your online NOW account, but the Parental Pin on the Youview box itself.

Usually the default is 1234, perhaps try resetting the Pin again.


Hello Schnapps

Thank you for getting back.
No I have downloaded on my iPad and computer.
When I am trying to reset it, they are sending me and email with a new password but when I enter that it tells me that the code is incorrect?

Will give it another go

Thank you.

Marie : ]
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Hi @marie1 

See if NOW live chat can assist further with regards to this matter.

Click on the green chat online button from this link below.