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Painful speeds don't match the tech check

Hey all,

Now TV's test claims I should be getting 40Mbps.  However, my old macbook pro reports a download speed of just over 7Mbps, and a ping of 96ms.  At time this week it has dropped way below 1Mbps.  Needless to say, I'm pretty useless on Zoom meetings with just over a second latency reported by Zoom.

To rule out the mac's wireless adaptor, I tried my mobile, which reports 12.4Mbps and a ping of 24ms, so a bit faster but nowhere near what I am supposed to be getting.


It seems Now TV don't actually want to take calls with the chat function just referring to docs, but any ideas what I can do short of switching ISP?  I'm mostly working from home, so Zoom is kind of required!



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