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Openreach Modem HG612 on NOW Broadband



I've seen some posts saying you cannot use your own equipment on NOW Broadband.


The small company I work for supply me with broadband equiment which consists of a certified BT Openreach Modem (called HG612) and a Draytek Business router that has a 3G/4G backup.


My question is whether the BT Openreach modem can be used on NOW Broadband. One of our IT guys says it should be because it is Openreach equipment and certified to work with their Cabinets, but reading various forum posts, I'm not sure if I can really switch to NOW Broadband (seems like their are technical risks)


Thanks Steve



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Re: Openreach Modem HG612 on NOW Broadband



Surely if the company you work for are giving you equipment, they are also supplying you with broadband, so what would you need NowTV broadband for?


You can watch NowTV streaming over any ISP, it does not have to be NowTV’s own broadband.

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