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Number porting away from Now

I recently moved from Sky to Now and this went through finally even though I had requested that the order was stopped and they didn't.  However, I can move away again from Now quite easy I was advised in order to avoid the changes in the tariff. 


I have placed an order with Vodafone and asked for my number to be ported.  The number was not going through and the doccumentation that I reieved from vodafone was with a new number. I cannot allow the number to be lost for various reasons. 


I was advised by Now that the order didn't go through from vodafone and that I would have to cancel the order and reorder it again.  


I did but this time I changed (as vodafone altered the offer) to talk talk.  Again asking for a number port, yet again I was given a new number and NowTV hasn't allowed the number to be ported.  


I don't understand why they are not allowing this number to be ported over. I was told this time that I should allow it to go to the date of installation and it should be ok. Thisis not reassuring enough.


What on earth is the problem and Now is not allowing the port to go through from two different companies.


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Re: Number porting away from Now

Did you ever get the number ported ?

I am having similar issues with my mother , signed her up for another provider who then came back and said NOWTV would not port the number 

We are now trying to port her number to Voip so she will always have it and not have this issue again , but they require CUPID or line provider for nowtv , which nowtv cannot tell us 

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