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Nowtv broadband

Just ordered Nowtv broadband. I have received an email but no where does it state that I will receive a router in the mail nor has it confirmed my purchase! 


Also, it says online that Nowtv will tell me if I need an engineer to come set up a phone line. I recently moved here and don't have a house phone so am unsure if the phone line is currently active.


How do I find out if I will be sent a Nowtv router and if I need someone to set up a phone line? 


I have used live chat to no avail, I have searched through all topics regarding my situation with no solution.



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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User ?


If you are a new NowTV Broadband customer and never used their service before you will be sent a NowTV Hub 2 Router in the post (usually five days before your live activation date).


Should there be no BT telephone socket anywhere in your home, then you will definitely need a BT Openreach Engineer which will be booked through NowTV.


When you go to My Account > Orders & Appointments and Message Centre on here is there any indication that they are processing the Hub Router delivery and organising a BT Openreach Engineer ?


You can phone the NowTV Broadband Team directly by going to My Account > Orders & Appointments and if you click the down arrow next to your live activation date a telephone number should appear on your screen that you can phone for further assistance & help.