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Re: NowTV Broadband Hub Weak Signal

Please help not had now broadband long and won’t be much longer if this is not sorted .. signal is really weak apart from the room where the hub is .. can’t even connect my lads smart telly we live in a bungalow .. please help
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Re: NowTV Broadband Hub Weak Signal



Can you send me similar instructions please to change the channel on the router?


My router doesn't seem to be able to send the signal through walls that I know are just plasterboard stud walls and the bedrooms are not receiving a signal.


Thank you

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Re: NowTV Broadband Hub Weak Signal

@olio123 @Lisa1970 


If you have an Android phone, I recommend you download a free app called WiFi Analyzer from the Google Play store , and try its various options with your setup.


What does the View/Signal meter show, for instance, right up by the router, and progressively further away? 


Does your broadband stand head and shoulders above other neighbouring signals on View/Channel graph, or is it swamped by them?


Can you move to the best channel shown by View/Channel rating, if you are not already on it, and does that make an improvement?


WiFi Analyzer is a tool I would not be without, and it is a great shame that there can be no comparable tool on iOS devices, due to the restrictions Apple put on what apps in their AppStore can and can’t do.

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