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NowTV Broadband Hub Weak Signal



I switched my broadband from BT to NowTV on 5th December.  We are still in the 10 day settling in period so I expect to see speed fluctuations but the issue we have is with the signal from the hub.  The signal is very weak and starts to drop to 2 or 3 bars after moving just 3 metres away and does not get to the back rooms at all.  I have positioned the router in the same place as the BT hub, and pressed reset to get the best channel (though this should not be an issue as neither of our nextdoor neighbours has broadband).  We have no other lines we can try to use.  Is this issue common, and will it resolve itself after the 10 day period?  At the moment this is impacting many of our "connected" kit in the house.


From reading other threads my understanding is that NowTV broadband can only be supplied via the NowTV hub and that buying a new router will not work.  Is this correct?


I know an extender may help, but we don't really want to pay for one as we did not need one with BT, and I'm wondering if the kit is faulty.


Any advice welcome.





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