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Now tv adverts super annoying!

Is there any way to get rid of those really annoying pre program adverts they are driving me mad. I have sky but chose to watch some programs on Nowtv instead as I cannot stand the normal tv adverts but this is becoming jus as irritating, why oh why did they put them in?

I am paying for the service you have already persuaded me, so stop advertising it!


this post ended up in the wrong section can it be moved to more relevant place?

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Scholar 2

Re: Now tv adverts super annoying!

Sadly you're stuck with them. Some people back out of the ads and go back in to the programme which can sometimes lead to the ad disappearing. I wouldn't mind if the ads were for something I'd be interested in but they never are Smiley LOL

Contributor 1

Re: Now tv adverts super annoying!

I did a test yesterday and you have to watch 4 adverts before it will leave you in peace even if you keep backing out and in again.

Helper 1

Re: Now tv adverts super annoying!

That’s good to know, as I too find the adverts very annoying. The main reason I left Sky cause they plug adverts in their catch up, it is to be fair much worse than Now Tv and it’s always during the shows themselves too.


If Now Tv follow Sky in their footsteps for the adverts then I’ll be cancelling my passes. 


Most of the adverts I have zero interest in, in fact I find the adverts for the Premiership the worst as I can’t stand that league. If they wanted to keep some form of adverts I’d much rather have adverts on shows I watch. 


First Poster

Re: Now tv adverts super annoying!

They are so long as well. They should get rid of them seeing as we pay for the service.