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Now tv Router WIFI

Right guys if you are having issues with your now tv router then your not alone. I have a now tv hub 2 and has been playing up for the past 6 months, during these six months i couldnt watch any tv services or stream any programs and i could barely connect to the internet. Prior to this everything was fine but for some reason it is now a big problem. I have changed the channels and followed every instruction to the letter and i have also had an openreach engineer do the same things but still no resolve to my issue. So i have been searching the net and i come across a couple of articles regarding sky/now tv router and the fact they have an issue with slow speeds over wifi and it turns out the bksyb are fully aware of this issue and they offered 5000 of there customers a free wifi booster because of this issue but now tv deny there is any problem and they say its an enviromental issue which i know its not. i have contacted the ceo of bskyb but he doesnt care and just passes the buck back down to the customer services department who then say theres nothing they can do. so now i am expected to pay for 64mbps fibre broadband and get speed of between 0.42 and 7.3mbps because they wont address the issue with there router. My advice to all customers if you experience these issues write an email to the ceo who's email is easy to find on the net and tell him you are going to take further action if he doesnt take you seriously do what i am doing and forward your findings onto the BBC consumer program Watchdog so we can get this aired live on national tv so these people dont get away with it.

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Re: Now tv Router WIFI

UPDATE So i have managed to get my wifi sorted i managed to get myself a very good router and this has resolved my wifi issues but there is still a problem with my internet dropping out so i contacted now tv and it took me weeks before somebody who actually knew what they were doing looked at my issue seriously they then said that as clearly there is a network issue they would send it through to the network team. for the next 2 day it seemed to stablise but then it started to happen all over again an my dsl line speeds went from 56mbps down to 27mbps i contacted them back to find out that the network team had done nothing and sent a note back saying i had to do a diagnosis of the master socket and all the equipment in my house which has been done countless times not only by mysel but also a bt openreach engineer. Still now tv refuse to do anything about it so i called back the following day and was told they have found a problem with my line outside my home so an engineer would be sent out to deal with it. i was told that this would be done within 3 days and 3 days has passed and i my broadband is still dropping out, so i have emailed the head office again and they said they tried to call me yesterday to discuss the issue so they can get to the bottom of the issue but according to my phone i had no missed calls or voicemails. i emailed them back today telling them i was available all day today and the times i will be available tomorrow but they just dont seem to care or aknowlage any of my emails or messages. I am now getting sick and tired of the excuses and lack of customer services i am even getting fed up with there CEO who i have emailed several times who just ignores my emails and just passes my complaints back down the chain to customer services. If i wanted to speak to customer services i wouldnt be contacting the ceo. I think its time i start taking legal proccedings against them as they clearly thing they can walk all over me.

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