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Now not able to help as address on on openreach database — help

I need to move my Now BB from my current address to a newly built property. The new property doesn’t have an active phone line and whilst the builder laid the cable to the pole , it needs to have the equipment installed so I can then get BB.


whilst my new address is on NOw system and the Royal Mail PAF, when I rang the NOW team I was told that they couldn’t help and I needed to speak to open reach as the address is not on their system ……


openreach however emailed me to say that the BB provider just needed to request  new line and then they would update the database…. HELP  seams like chicken and egg.


anyone got any ideas why NOw cant get this sorted for me ??

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If this is a new build, are you sure it isn't fibre only? I doubt anyone is installing new copper, and Now does not use full fibre.

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Just to follow up from @Jayach  we are in a new build property. The address was on NOW but unable to get NOW broadband because they don’t supply FTTP, where our new build was only laid with FTTP and as NOW only supply FTTC we had to go with BT.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help



Same here. Any new estate is going to be laid with FTTP, if fibre is available at all, as that will be what people’s expectations are, and Now are going to miss out if they don’t start offering FTTP soon.


It might be a different story if Sky didn’t offer it, as Now piggybacks on Sky Broadband,  but Sky do offer it.

Please note that I am just a customer like you, and my advice may well be worth no more than exactly what you paid for it.
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My local area is now in an openreach copper stop sell area - these stop sell areas are rapidly increasing in number .

 This means that if someone want to change ISP then they must move to an FTTP provider - if they already have a copper based service (ie FTTC or ADSL) the they can stay on that service - although the  so called out of contract price may make a move worth while .


If you are contracted to Now and move to an openreach FTTP only area be that a stop sell, or new build with openreach FTTP then the logical thing would be for Now to move you onto Sky FTTP .


As for BT - if you are moving to an FTTP only area, or are thinking of upgrading to FTTP then you dont need to go with BT - other providers are available .

 likewise there are a few other FTTP networks out there as well as openreach