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Now TV will not port over my landline number on moving house within same exchange area

I currently have fibre broadband with Now TV.  I am moving house in about a month and was happy to stay with Now TV.  I had agreed price and was happy to proceed and wanted to make sure the same landline number is ported over to my new property.  I was told they don't do porting of landline numbers.  Surely this cannot be right.  I am moving to an address at the same exchange so I would have thought this would have simplified things not made them worse.


Number was originally with BT at another property many years ago and cam with us to current property in 2003. Moved to Talk Talk and then Now TV over the years and kept the same number.

What can I do to make sure I keep the same landline?  I need this the same for elderly relatives, doctors etc?


Is this allowed under the regulations?  I have asked twice on this and want to be sure of my position before I get more angry at what seems to be obstruction and probably cheapness on the part of Now TV.


Any help would be appreciated as I have cancelled my move until I can make sure I can keep my number.  If I switched providers would this help, as this is a deal breaker for me?


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Re: Now TV will not port over my landline number on moving house within same exchange area


Personally I do not use the landline, but I can understand your point. 


When I was a Now TV customer briefly they told me that they couldn't port over my Sky number. Which I though was crazy as they are both under the same company banner!


Could be worth having a look on here, but if I were you head down to an EE store and get yourself a cheap deal with BT (which I got £15 knocked off my BT broadband when getting the new iPhone)

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