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Now TV broadband

hello Folks,


I am seriously thinking of joining Now broadband, my current provider being Sky itself, as I currently pay £47 for broadband and anytime calls I am looking to save some money as Sky do not have any upgrades that I am able to take advantage of.

I would like to know what experiences people have had who have moved over to Now Broadband good or bad?

I really appreciate any help in advance.



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Re: Now TV broadband

I moved from Sky Broadband to NOW TV a little over a couple of years ago, when NOW first launched the Combo deals, and I have to say it’s been absolutely faultless. 

The broadband was up and running on the day I was told, and I didn’t even have to change over my router as the service still worked on my previous Sky one. I did swap to the NOW router mind you, mainly because it looked better I have to admit. 

There’s never been a drop-out in my service during my time with NOW and even when I moved house earlier this month, the changeover was seamless. I arranged the date in advance, the service stopped at my old property when I was told it would, then when I got to my new place I just plugged the router in and away we went. No need to call the support team or get an engineer around. 

So for me - I can’t praise NOW’s broadband service highly enough. I’ve been a TV customer since I joined back in 2016 and I haven’t had a single issue or cause for complaint. I’m a happy customer for sure.