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Now TV Setup Delay

I moved into a new build and had an install booked for a Now TV engineer on the 3rd July. The engineer came and advised that they could not complete the install as BT Openreach hadnt put in the necessary infrastructure and was going to report it back to BT.

I got one update from Now TV on the 12th July to say BT was going to be carrying out a survey, but no other specifics and that my next update would be on the 24th.

My landlord has also been onto BT and arranged a vist from them to complete the install and that visit happened this morning (20th July) and the BT engineer advised that I can now contact Now TV to get them to complete their part of the installation.

I contacted NOW TV support via chat a short while ago and explained the situation, provided the reference and explained the situation that BT have done what they need to do and the ball is now with Now TV. The only response I got was 'I'll have to wait for an update from BT on the 24th'.

Instead of showing a little bit of proactivity and making an effort to take into account the new information I provided and pick up a phone and conact BT I was flat refused any help at all and told Now TV will do nothing until the 24th. I'm beyond disgusted at this. Customer satisfaction rating here is a big fat zero.

I work in a customer service environment and if I was that unhelpful to a client I would be in danger of losing my job. I am incredibly unimpressed with Now TV. I've been waiting 17 days already with no broadband access, I'm gonna have to wait an additional 4 now for no reason just for Now TV to acknowledge work has been done and then I'l have to wait another 2 weeks for a Now TV engineer visit.

I am beyond angry to the point where I am seriously considering cancelling with Now TV!