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Now TV Broadband keeps disconnecting

My broadband is currently unable to maintain a stable connection. 

I’ve tried resetting, and following the steps in the online help, but none of it has worked. Every time I attempt to do anything using it, the connection gets severed. Sometimes it happens after 5-10 mins, sometimes after 30 seconds. It’s pretty much unusable. 

I’ve only been using the service for 3 weeks. We’re past the 10 day window for them to test my connection, so I don’t think it’s that, and it seems too early to just be wear and tear with the new router...


I’m at the end of my tether here if I’m honest, as services go this has been an absolute joke so far. 

Any help would be appreciated 

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Re: Now TV Broadband keeps disconnecting


The following link will give you options to get in touch for broadband support.


Personally I would reconsider the provider if they are unable to resolve it for you. 

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